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Spider Gwen: A Spider-woman porn parody

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PINUP BY ONE EYED NEKOPREVIOUSLY IN SPlfcER-GWEN...In a alternate timeline know as Carth-65, it mas Grnen Stacy mho mas bitten by a radioactiue spider and became the Amazing Spider-UUoman. In one of her aduentures, she faced the mutated Peter Parker, mho turned himself into a Lizard-like creature,

1C hurts so much Co miss you/ PeCer.But I'm also glad iC was you who showed me what it is to love somebody so much.midtouin High, months Ago...>/ w<I y>((*>Z [\Come on, Peter/I wanna show you. Finally hit that solo routine the right way.uyVAre we even allowed to be here this latepHey /Peter

Seep That's why I like you. You're smart/I don't get it.Why is it always the singer who leads the bandP Isn't it the drummer who sets the paceP The one who actually leads PAlthough a band called "The Gwen Stacies" would lack the double meaning for a proper rock group name.Wait/Pid you say you like

So you're already hard/ hmmp Then imagine when these babies are...Oh/ boy.How can something so soft make me get so hard?Shit... This. It's... hmmm But not a..Pon't worry.I already knew that you're Spider-Woman No biggie.I'm always noticing you/ can't help it. Besides... I'm a science guy.I add

Sorry for not saying it before.I just didn't know how to...Oh my god/I'm so glad you already know. And you're not even freaked out. This is perfect.I'm gonna turn your fantasies into memories tonight.Wow/ Really PActually/I was kinda hoping that you...* mumble

You just leveled up my cosplay fantasies to indescribable heights.Not that I'm complaining/ but.. What is it with geeky boys and girls dressed as superheroines?You're not in a fantasy costume.You're the real superheroine dealAs real as it gets. A costumed heroine with her warm lips and tongue on

Can I return the favor?I'm so sorry.. I just couldn'tAre you sure? Guys don't usually like to do that.Come on. You're beautiful on the eyes. I'm sure you're even better on my mouth.And a gentleman, too Ain't you a catch?Wow/It tastes even better/That's a good smell.I like it. Wonder if it tastes

Whoa/Sven now, you still get me wet...HmmmY I'm cumming again...Nnnngh.../ MI feel all alone nowBut I'm still trying to hold on to hope and keep it alive.Because it was easy to feel hopeful on a perfect night like thatSuck on my tongue/Nnnngh.../,Spider-Gwen,Marvel,,Spider-Man,Peter

I krtow it feels like I'm saying goodbye...But I'll carry a piece of you into everything I do next......to remind me of who you were and that we were meant to be.I felt great happiness with you. I wish you were still here with me.I have a feeling you'd love webslinging the night

Spider-Gwen,Marvel,,Spider-Man,Peter Parker,tracycops,,porn comics,,porn comics without translation

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